Posted on the FaceBook Page S.O.S @V.B. “Save Our Sand” Protect the beaches at Victoria Beach.  An interesting plee by a property owner at Victoria Beach.
Good Evening Mr. Suzuki,

Although I’m quite concious of the enviroment and try to do the best I can on a personal and family level, some of the bigger picture issues currently unfolding in Manitoba are concerning me. One is well known Nationally (I think), which is the efforts to save one the largest remaining intact forests in the world on the east side of Lake Winnipeg and have it designated as a World Heritage Site, preventing development such as Bipole 3. Preserving something as precious to the planet as this for future generations far outweighs any financial gain by building a transmission line through sensitive wilderness, and it’s nice to see the Provincial Government make the right choice instead of the popular one. Governments change though, and so can their decisions.

Another issue closer to home is unfolding at Victoria Beach on Lake Winnipeg. After a fall storm last year (equated with a low grade hurricane) caused extensive damage to the shoreline a group of cottage owners decided to personally fund the construction of a revetment on public land, with the local Municipal Councils blessing, to protect any further encroachment towards their property. Once other cottage owners caught wind of this they quickly mobilized and created a forum on Facebook to discuss the consequences of such a panicked response to a complex situation. The Provincial Government doesn’t seem to want to get involved in this particular debate or may not even have the legislative means to do so. Even though I can sympathize with the owners that have cottages in the direct line of fire, it once again boils down to protecting financial interests at the expense of the enviroment. If this action is allowed to become precident other shoreline cottage owners will most likely have the right to do the same adjacent to their properties. If revetments actually to cause beaches to dissapear, as plenty of evidence suggests, this is a serious problem.

I guess the reason I’m writing is I know plenty of people have and continue to devote passion to these causes and any exposure and education regarding these issues is extremely important. Any chance of The Nature of Things doing a program on current Manitoba environmental issues? Just thought I’d ask. Thanks.


Christopher Lepa


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