Thank you for your interest in my article. Please understand that I am not an expert. I am just a concerned citizen like you.

I am very sorry to hear about your community issue with erosion.

Here is what I think I know…

The only good news that I can tell you is that your situation is near a lake which is likely to experience relatively low wave heights on the average that might minimize the speed of the erosion action. Neskowin is right on the ocean. Wave heights are huge and can cause erosion and property loss very quickly if the conditions are right ie. storm, high tide etc.

My observation is that these erosion events are purely cyclical. Which sounds OK but the cycle can be over 100 years or more. A cycle long enough for development to take place and generations of people along with their memories to come and go. In the case of Neskowin, most of the development near the beach has taken place over the past 50 years which is a relatively short period of time compared to what appears to our ocean behavior pattern here. Accurate storm & wave height recorded data is only 60 years old at most in Oregon. Thus, people have had plenty of time to make assumptions & mistakes in placing their vacation homes within the cycle. Everybody wants a cool view from their property which of course drives development closer and closer to the source of the view. View & water front property values have exploded here to the point where people feel not only highly motivated but also fully entitled to protect their property despite the risks to the beach and to the people who love to walk there.

If I can give you any advice….do whatever you can NOW to not allow the “rock wall” or Rip Rap to start.

Once the RipRap process begins at the first hot spot, the erosion amplifies on both sides of the property where there is no protection forcing the neighbors to protect themselves as well and on and on and on it goes until you end up with a big huge rock wall along with a much minimized beach if not destroyed all together.

Sad thing is, the properties involved will probably be lost anyway and we will have lost both the beach and the property.

That’s Neskowin.

Gord, it gets worse.

Neskowin beach front owners have now finally acknowledged that they have a problem that is NOT going away and are running out of money repairing their protective rock walls!

Some beach front property owners are wealthy and can hold on for awhile. Other beach front owners have inherited their properties and do not have enough cash flow to keep up.

The solution?

Amazing as it may seem the beach front people now want the community as a whole to form a district in which to tax itself to support “the wall” claiming that if not done the community will be lost!! ”

Why should we shoulder the entire burden of protecting the community from the ocean alone?” -they ask.

I am old school. If you build a home on the sand and/ or near moving water you are taking a risk.

Given the long cycles, perhaps you can get by in your life time but probably not the next.

Jeff Walton


Comments on: "Neskowin Community Letter to Victoria Beach" (1)

  1. I hope every lake front cottage owner at VB reads this. Pass it on.

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