CONGRATULATIONS to all who were calling the RMVB or emailed council and made it clear not only what was happening on the beaches of Victoria Beach but that you wanted it stopped.  Never underestimate how important your single action is when an entire community acts.  You are the reason yesterdays tragedy was partially averted.

But, please be aware, the cease and desist is in effect, but it is for one week and can be revoked by council.  There is a council meeting next Tuesday.  The Arthur/Patricia group will likely present its case.  Plan if you can to attend. 

If you wish to speak at council and be heard you must contact them in advance.  (Please see the “side note” post in the VICTORIA BEACH COUNCIL MEETING category.)

Rules for talking at VB Council meetings:

If you are new to this site and are concerned with what is happening to Manitoba’s largest natural resource and its beaches, please take some time to look through the menu on the right side for all the information we have accumulated.  The documents and scientific evidence is very compelling that rock walls on pristine sand beaches will destroy them forever.  It is time for the communites to stand up and protect Lake Winnipeg.



  1. Unfortunately the time period to notify council that one may wish to speak is passed for the next council meeting. They have to be notified 7 days in advance! Looks like we will not be able to comment once again 😦

  2. Dorothy and Harold Bell said:

    Please add us to e-mails for updates

  3. Jane Carroll said:

    It is unfortunate that the time period for speaking to council is over . However there are several people who will be speaking and I expect that this issue will come up. This revetment will be on the public beach. I believe in part in front of two properties and totally in front of two properties. As with the other proposal on Alex and King Edward which is postponed concerns of building on public beaches, erosion of public beaches and neighbouring properties are important issues to consider. Will this set a precedent for VB and other beaches around the lake? Are there proper procedures in place for these structures? What is the Province’s stance? Before all the beaches around the south basin are covered in tons of rock with resulting environmental and economic damage the Province needs to take call a halt and develop a strategy.

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