URGENT! IT HAS JUST BEEN REPORTED: There are trucks dumping rocks on Arthur Beach right now as of this post on Tuesday morning, Feb 22 at 11 am. An eye witness saw the police briefly intervene and Council is now seeking legal advice on how to stop the construction but offers no other comment at this time.  Meanwhile, the work is continuing.  Please phone the municipal offices if you have any further questions, concerns or want to voice that you wish it halted.

UPDATE: 4:10 pm:   A cease and desist order  has been requested, based on the Crown Land Act Section 27 Subsection 7. Confirmed by RM Police.

Illegal occupation of Crown lands prohibited
27(7) Except in the exercise of a right or authorization given or a duty imposed by law, any person who
(a) uses or occupies; or
(b) enters, uses or occupies any building or structure upon; or
(c) brings or erects, and leaves, any building, structure or thing upon;
any Crown lands, including Crown lands in a local government district or set aside or designated by order in council as public shooting grounds, a fur rehabilitation block, a wildlife management area, a provincial park or a provincial forest, or for any other similar purpose is guilty of an offence.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS:  http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/Victoria-Beach-seeks-legal-advice-as-construction-begins-on-erosion-barrier–116676454.html

 CAO: Raymond J. Moreau
Address: 303-960 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg
Ph: (204)774-4263
Toll Free: 1-800-513-3839

Council emails:  Karin Boyd kpreval@mts.net       Bruce Morrison cityvber@mts.net       Tom Farrell tfarrell@granite.mb.ca         Kathy McKibbin kathyvb@mymts.net          Penny McMorris vb.mcmorris@gmail.com           R. M. of Victoria Beach vicbeach@mymts.net


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