As we petition Manitoban authorities to issue guidelines on shoreline management strategies it is worth having a look at those in effect in Ontario.

On page 62 of the manual (page 66 of the pdf), in the last paragraph: “…it should be recognized that it is impossible to build a structure within this zone [the dynamic beach hazard limit] without having a significant impact on the beach environment.”  Throughout this document, ‘the preferred solution is relocation’

It stresses on page 61 that no one in Ontario is even allowed to build within the dynamic beach hazard limit;  preventing the type of situations we are facing today at Victoria Beach.

The relevant material on beach dynamics and erosion structures begins on Page 65. These guidelines are extremely relevant as they relate to lake conditions. They are very clear on the distinction between erosion and non-erosional dynamic beaches which some talk at length about.

It is apparent that it’s impossible to build a revetment on a dynamic beach without damaging it. The Manitoba Shoreline handbook is also excellent too for this information.

Both are very clear about the dangers of revetments.

There is a persuasive indication that hard barriers will damage both kinds of beaches.


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