For many, “the beach” is a significant part of the attraction of shore front property. When landward movement of an eroding shoreline is arrested by a structure the unprotected area in the front of the structure continues to erode and deepen. On an eroding shoreline, any beach in front of an armoured shoreline will normally diminish in width over time, as the near shore profile erodes, and the beach will eventually disappear. The beach loss maybe accelerated by wave reflection from the structure.” p 32-33

“Revetments, like any other shore protection structure, have a number of disadvantages that must be considered. Revetments do not encourage beach development, and may in fact accelerate the loss of beach due to increased wave reflection and scour. Construction of a revetment requires access to the shoreline for large construction equipment. Revetments may severely limit access to the beach and water, and do nothing to increase the amount of recreation space.” p. 57

And there are many many many more quotes.  This is a must read.

Perhaps the most important document you need to read regarding erosion and what type of structures have the potential to destroy the beaches forever. There are numerous concrete reasons found within as to why revetments are not the way to proceed.


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