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Seeing the Victoria Beach community and friends of Lake Winnipeg rally together Thursday night and Friday morning and day was pretty amazing.

– To see people literally peacefully stand in the trenches on the beach in the wee hours of both the evening and the dawn and dare to stop the machinery destroying their public beach.
– To hear the voices working the phones tirelessly.
– To see all the fingers sending the emails to all the different government and local departments.
– To watch others networking, using all resources possible to keep everyone up to date and informed — near and far –with as much breaking information as possible.

The actual number of people involved was off the charts. Quite impressive.

It reaffirms that despite the fact there will always be things, people and events that challenge this community at times, that as a whole, this is a pretty special place. And that it is a community with many friends on the South Basin facing the same issues.  All with a unified attitude to what we hold dear at Victoria Beach and for this wonderful Lake and its beaches we are so privileged to have but minutes drive from Winnipeg.

We all witnessed a clear, impenetrable and unified desire and will to protect this lake, the beaches and the future of this wonderful community.

Thank you.  Each and very phone call or email was heard and found its mark.

Hopefully, once it is agreed to that revetments do not work in front of public sand beaches we can get to work on finding solutions in both practical and environmental ways to address the shoreline issues property owners face today.

Ways to protect both the private owners and the public beaches in harmony and unison.


*** If you are new to this site and are concerned with what is happening to Manitoba’s largest natural resource and its beaches, please take some time to look through the “CATEGORIES” menu on the right side for all the information we have accumulated.  It is a lot of evidence and contributions and well worth taking the time to examine and consider.

The  “SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND OTHER DOCUMENTS” is very compelling that rock walls on pristine sand beaches will destroy them forever. As are the examples found in “LEARNING FROM OTHERS MISTAKES”.  

We are at a critical time for the citizens of Manitoba and for those concerned about the environment to stand up and protect Lake Winnipeg.   No Municipal or Provincial body has yet to take a strong and committed stance.

Please pass this website on to fellow concerned citizens.



  1. This site was very helpful over the last few days. Looks like it helped people know what was happening. Thanks!

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