Here is a sample letter that you may use, ignore, alter or design to your own specifications to contact local government to make sure your voice is heard and so that we keep moving forward with this process of protecting the shorelines of Victoria Beach — and all of Lake Winnipeg and the South Basin.

Dear Member or Representative of Manitoba Government: 

Thank you so much for standing behind your environmental commitments to the electorate and issuing the stop order and immediate removal of the rock erosion control measures on Crown Land at Victoria Beach this past Thursday. It was comforting to know you would back up the Premiers slogan “to ensure all Manitobans can enjoy the lakes for generations to come.”

As we now move forward to address the erosion issues community and property owners face, I sincerely hope that the new Advisory Committee will be very careful and methodical when defining how to protect shorelines on Lake Winnipeg. We also look forward to the full implemented use of scientific knowledge and research, transparency and an incorporation of the entire community to participate and be engaged in finding solutions.

There is a vast amount of documented research that this community has diligently compiled against revetments in front of sand beaches for you to use and further investigate. (linked here for your convenience)


We feel it is time to recognize and address the reality that when an individual chooses to build on property in front of a sand beach owned by the Crown or a Municipality (a beach used extensively by the public community) consideration must be given to the limits of what can or cannot be done to protect the private property from mother nature and the natural process of erosion.

That shorelines like the sand beaches at Victoria Beach — and other delicate ecosystems like sand or marsh in the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg — must be subject to a higher standard.  They must have rigid protocols in place to environmentally protect their special designations and ensure their continued use and access  for the people of Manitoba for generations to come.

There must be such limitations since some actions to preserve personal property can possibly adversely affect the beaches in front; beaches these people do not own.

These actions may, in turn, affect the entire community’s right to the continued use and enjoyment of the beaches for now and generations to come.

It needs to be firmly and unequivocally recognized that owning property in front of a public sand beach is simply not the same as owning property in front of a rocky, unused and privately accessed waterfront.

As a result, it must be clearly defined as to what can or cannot be constructed in these cases and must be rigidly and powerfully enforced by the new Provincial Advisory Committee.

Finally, as it seems sandbags are now being proposed as a “temporary” option, can you confirm that your advisors are aware that all sandbag solutions are not the same? There are many questions that need to be answered and investigated in each specific scenerio or proposal.

Again, for your convenience, here is easy access to many questions that should be answered before going forward with any sandbag proposal:

In closing, I thank you again for your recent actions and I look forward to more positive and determined efforts by the Province and Municipalities towards lake and beach preservation.

It should always be important to help private owners with their erosion issues but we should never forget that protecting and preserving this lake and its great beaches for all Manitoban’s to enjoy — in the next days and in the future — should always be the top priority and consideration and should supersede all others.

Eyes and ears eagerly await your next moves.

Yours truly

It is suggested emails and calls be sent to:

Bill Blaike: NDP Minister of Conservation 204-945-3730
Fred Meier: Deputy Minister 204-945-3785

Melnick –
Premier Selinger –

Manitoba Water Stewardship
Box 11 – 200 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg MB R3J 3W3 1-204-945-6398

Greg Dewar, Selkirk MLA


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