When contacting the province to request the removal of the rocks from the public provincial crown land, please refer to the following sections.

The applicable sections are #’s 27 and 29 of the Crown Lands Act.   (see below)

Section 27, subsections 7 and 8 refers to any work on Crown Land has to be taken out and Section 29, subsection 2 refers to the Minister of Conservation being responsible. (See details below)

Please remember, it is only the rock on Public Land that must be removed.


Ministry of Conservation.


Bill Blaike: NDP Minister of Conservation mincon@leg.gov.mb.ca 204-945-3730
Fred Meier: Deputy Minister dmcon@leg.gov.mb.ca 204-945-3785

also write to the Environment Minister : Peter Kent  minister@ec.gc.ca  204-945-3952

and finally:

Victoria Beach Council:

Karin Boyd kpreval@mts.net

Bruce Morrison cityvber@mts.net

Tom Farrell tfarrell@granite.mb.ca

Kathy McKibbin kathyvb@mymts.net

Penny McMorris vb.mcmorris@gmail.com

R. M. of Victoria Beach vicbeach@mymts.net

Directly from the Crowns Lands Act: http://web2.gov.mb.ca/laws/statutes/ccsm/c340e.php
27(7) Except in the exercise of a right or authorization given or a duty imposed by law, any person who
(a) uses or occupies; or
(b) enters, uses or occupies any building or structure upon; or
(c) brings or erects, and leaves, any building, structure or thing upon;
any Crown lands, including Crown lands in a local government district or set aside or designated by order in council as public shooting grounds, a fur rehabilitation block, a wildlife management area, a provincial park or a provincial forest, or for any other similar purpose is guilty of an offence.
Costs and expenses
27(8) Where a judge
(a) in any of the circumstances set out in clause (1)(a), (b) or (c), makes an order for removal and possession against a person under subsection (3); or
(b) convicts a person of an offence under subsection (6) or (7);
the person is liable for payment of the costs of the legal proceedings, including in the case of the order for removal and possession the costs of executing the order, and, where damage results to Crown land from the circumstances upon which the order is based or from the offence upon which the conviction is based, the person is also liable for payment of the expense of repairing the damage and restoring the Crown land to its original condition, and those costs and that expense are recoverable in those proceedings or in any court of competent jurisdiction.
29(2) Where the minister or an officer is satisfied
(a) that a person is in adverse possession or other wrongful possession or occupation of Crown land or is wrongfully using Crown land within the meaning of clause 27(1)(a), (b) or (c), or is contravening a provision of subsection 27(7), or is creating a nuisance or disturbance or committing a trespass on Crown land; and
(b) that failure to remedy the circumstances set out in clause (a) of this subsection forthwith
(i) is likely to cause damage to the Crown land or any thing upon the Crown land, or
(ii) is likely to increase damage already caused by those circumstances to the Crown land or any thing upon the Crown land, or
(iii) constitutes a danger to public safety, or
(iv) is contrary to the public interest;
and the person fails to comply with a written notice, served or left or posted up in accordance with subsection (3), requiring him forthwith to remedy the circumstances and to repair any damage caused by the circumstances to the Crown land or to any thing upon the Crown land and to restore the damaged Crown land or thing to its original condition, the minister or officer may, without further notice or legal process and notwithstanding section 27, forthwith take such steps as he deems necessary to remedy the circumstances and to effect the repair and the restoration.



  1. We are not sure of the value of sending this email to the RMVB council – they have no say in this matter – their position not mine, they do not want or choose not to act or take a stand – politics I guess, and finally all their actions say they appear to be too scared to say or do anything at the cost of possibly a vote or two from the small group of cottagers who choose to do what they feel like doing. The beach is not their concern and if it was they would take a position.

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