While recent decisions by the province to halt erosion work on provincial property shorelines at Victoria Beach and the ordered removal of erosion structures built on Crown Land are good steps forward, we now need to see it all through to its proper completion.

We need to make sure that the removal process by the province is prompt, efficient and immediate. The spring thaw will definitely come into play very soon and it will be a deterrent to rocks being removed if delays occur.

The Province seems to recognize the urgency and has demanded the revetment be removed by month end.


However, we cannot stop here.

We must also make sure that any advisory committee that is set up by the province understands that there is a big difference between a revetment in front of a sand beach and one in front of a rocky, unused, non public waterfront.  We need to communicate there is good documented scientific reasoning for them not to be allowed in front of the sand beaches at Victoria Beach.

We must also make sure that any other methods of erosion control are adequately investigated for both their immediate environmental impacts and for down the road.

Strict rules and scrutiny for any and all sandbag proposals is a good example of that.

To that end we encourage contacting your government to let them know your views and concerns. If they don’t hear you, they can’t speak for you.

Here is a sample letter that you may use, ignore, alter or design to your own specifications to contact local government to make sure your voice is heard and so that we keep moving forward with this process of protecting the shorelines of Victoria Beach — and all of Lake Winnipeg and the South Basin.


These last weeks were major steps towards protecting and preserving beaches at Victoria Beach and we must keep the momentum going. Otherwise, it may all be for naught as the spring thaw fast approaches. If the structure recently assembled remains, — partially on Crown Land — available science seems to indicate that the beaches of Arthur and Patricia may face a perilous summer.


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