Council has just announced it is holding a special council meeting March 25th at the municpal office 303-960 PORTAGE (at Lipton)  at 10am to discuss a proposal for sandbags for King Edward and Alexandra.

As we move forward, it is imperative that council and the community investigates and considers proposals together.  To openly engage each other with all the factors important both environmentally and safety/maintenance wise in any future beach front construction.

To this end we suggest you email your questions and comments to council as soon as possible and also to  attend the meeting in person.

Sandbags can have a very heavy impact on the environment of a beach and we cannot tread lightly.  As professor and coastal geologist Pilky advises in his open letter to Victoria Beach: “I would caution against use of experimental or temporary structures. One approach used in SC and NC has been to allow giant sandbags (provided they are removed after a couple of years), but enforcing the removal requirement has proved almost impossible and it turns out sandbags have the same impact on beach loss as concrete seawalls.”

Many of the community are not against temporary sandbags.  Rather, the desire is to be sure the right choices of temporary sandbags will be made. 

Here are some questions and concerns we feel should be considered with any sandbag proposal:

Here are the council emails:

Karin Boyd

Bruce Morrison

Tom Farrell

Kathy McKibbin

Penny McMorris

R. M. of Victoria Beach


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