Todays council meeting was quick and to the point.  There was no discussion.  The following resolution was passed.

They now need the Province to agree for it to go forward.  Be sure to tell your Province how you feel.

Remember what Pilkey wrote to Victoria Beach:

I would caution against use of experimental or temporary structures. One approach used in SC and NC has been to allow giant sandbags (provided they are removed after a couple of years), but enforcing the removal requirement has proved almost impossible and it turns out sandbags have the same impact on beach loss as concrete seawalls.

Bill Blaikie: NDP Minister of Conservation 204-945-3730
Fred Meier: Deputy Minister 204-945-3785

Melnick –
Premier Selinger –

Manitoba Water Stewardship
Box 11 – 200 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg MB R3J 3W3 1-204-945-6398

Greg Dewar, Selkirk MLA

“Whereas Sunset Boulevard is a municipal road, title to which is held by the Crown in right of the Province of Manitoba;

And Whereas the Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach has the direction, control and management of municipal roads within its boundaries;

And Whereas Council has reviewed a proposal for a temporary shoreline protection project consisting of super-sandbags being placed on a portion of Sunset Boulevard that may remain for two or three years for the protection of lots adjoining Sunset Boulevard from the effects of shoreline erosion while long-term measures are considered;

And Whereas it is desirable that those works do not affect the right of the public to use Sunset Boulevard as a public walkway, that the construction or placement occur in accordance with a proper design, and that the owners affected assume responsibility for the cost and maintenance of the proposed project;

And Whereas Council understands that the Crown may issue a permit specifying conditions for the use of the land for the project;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved That Council accepts the construction of the temporary shoreline protection project on a portion of Sunset Boulevard between 327 and 361 Sunset Boulevard inclusively on the basis that:

(a)        The project will not materially and significantly affect the ability of the public to use Sunset Boulevard as a public walkway; 

(b)        The temporary shoreline protective project consisting of super sandbags will be constructed in accordance with the design and approval of Mr. Dean Gould, P. Eng. or another engineer approved to the satisfaction of the Municipality; and

(c)        That the repair and maintenance of the temporary shoreline protective project consisting of super sandbags will be at the sole cost and responsibility of the adjoining property owners who are the direct beneficiaries of the temporary protective construction.”

Should you have any questions please contact your council:

Karin Boyd   Bruce Morrison     Tom Farrell

Kathy McKibbin    Penny McMorris     R. M. of Victoria Beach

CAO: Raymond J. Moreau
Address: 303-960 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg
Ph: (204)774-4263
Toll Free: 1-800-513-3839
Fax: (204)774-9834


And be sure to answer the poll questions to let them know your thoughts.



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