These photos are from April 3rd, 2011 of the continuing massive work on Arthur, as well as a picture of the revetment on King Edward and the sand piles for the huge sandbags being considered for King Edward and Alexandra.

These beaches will be unrecognizable come the May long weekend.

To STOP the sandbags from proceeding you need to contact by phone or email the province to voice your concerns.  Here are some sample reasons:  and direct them to the polls, showing further evidence of the community’s opinion on the matter:

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Bill Blaike: NDP Minister of Conservation 204-945-3730
Fred Meier: Deputy Minister 204-945-3785

Melnick –
Premier Selinger –

Manitoba Water Stewardship
Box 11 – 200 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg MB R3J 3W3 1-204-945-6398

Greg Dewar, Selkirk MLA

CAO: Raymond J. Moreau
Address: 303-960 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg
Ph: (204)774-4263
Toll Free: 1-800-513-3839
Fax: (204)774-9834


Karin Boyd

Bruce Morrison

Tom Farrell

Kathy McKibbin

Penny McMorris

R. M. of Victoria Beach


Comments on: "April 3 pics of Arthur/Patricia and King Edward Revetments" (1)

  1. Karen Peters said:

    I am glad to see that there are “proper” groups forming for the sake of ALL shoreline’s affected. I’m glad to see that no cottage owner has any right to protect their property using crown land. The rock at Arthur Beach that extended from the bank to the water, has made the once beautiful walking from beach to beach now impossible. Did you see that rock after the storm? I did, and took pictures. The bank was absolutely torn up behind the rock, and the rock was spread like debris. It is obvious to me that this whole idea was wrong. No one can STOP WATER! No one. But Lake Winnipeg has a bigger problem than bank erosion. Pretty soon if we don’t find a solution to help clean the lake up, bank erosion won’t be a problem, as property values will drop, and no one will want to buy a cottage on Lake Winnipeg period. All of these problems are bigger than Victoria Beach. Landscapes change in 100 years. So must your cottage and land! Regroup, refocus and rebuild; embrace modernization!

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