The following was released today by the RMVB today April 7th, 2011:

Re: Shoreline Protection Concerns

Council acknowledges the correspondence received from concerned property owners relating to shoreline protection.

We have the following comments with respect to the proposed shoreline protection projects at King Edward-Alexandra and at Arthur:

·         The King Edward-Alexandra revetment (rip-rap) proposal will not proceed for the time-being

·         The Crown Lands and Property Agency has issued a permit to allow the placement of large sandbags along the King Edward-Alexandra lakefront bank

·         With respect to the Arthur revetment proposal, a Queen’s Bench Order was issued On March 30, 2011 ordering the applicants (property owners) as follows: The applicants are Ordered to take immediate steps to have the erosion control barrier completed in accordance with its original specifications.”

 Shoreline erosion will continue to occur into the future. Council recognizes that property owner concerns relating to this issue will remain at the forefront with the high Lake Winnipeg levels, anticipated erosion and further bank losses.  Council is committed to establishing a Shoreline Advisory Committee to address stakeholder concerns and adopt a policy relating to shoreline protection that is sustainable in the long term. We will further communicate our progress on this matter as the need arises.



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