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NEW GROUP: Victoria Beach Shoreline Protection Association

Another new group has been established to protect, maintain and restore the spectacular shorelines of Victoria Beach.   Many cottagers are of the opinion that the beaches have been wrongly destroyed this winter by someone other than mother nature.

This group strongly recommends you joining this new group.

The organized forces to right the wrongs at Victoria Beach are picking up steam and if you wish to join in the fight to protect the beaches of Victoria Beach we encourage you to get active before it is too late to do so.

Many organized events, efforts and rallies are in the offing.


Recent King Edward/Alexandra pictures

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Recent pictures of the once beautiful beaches of King Edward and Alexandra as the massive sandbags are installed this last week.

Victoria Beach — under the direction of the RMVB and the desire of a very few select cottage owners — is being changed forever for an entire community of cottagers.

New Video of Arthur Revetment at Victoria Beach

Here is some CTV footage of the beach — or lack thereof — on Arthur as of this week and the huge revetment.  It may help prepare you for what you are about to see and experience on the May long weekend.  If that is possible.

Click on the “ctv video player” in the link.

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