In case you had any wonders as to the immediate effect of the revetment on Arthur, here are some pictures to do all the talking.

One third of the beach is completely gone.

Just water directly up to the rocks.

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Imagine what it will be like if the rest of the Patricia and Arthur owners are given the opportunity to proceed.

As well, interesting to note that those above the rock wall have been witnessed to climb on the rocks and cliffs to bring down inflatable boats, chairs, surf boards, hit golf balls, place ladders etc.  (In the past they were stating it was the climbing that was a contributor to the problem.)

If you are concerned about what is happening to the beaches at Victoria Beach you must make your voice heard.  Please email the Shoreline Erosion Committee immediately with your concerns.  It has never been more important to speak up!


 “Staying out of it” likely means you are surrendering the beaches for your and all the generations to come.  It is possible that the proponents are likely counting on your “politeness” and inaction.

Here is the Shoreline Advisory committee info:


Comments on: "The Arthur revetment sadly at work" (1)

  1. Greg Jowett said:

    The photos showing the disappearance of the former sand beach between the boulder revetement and the water’s edge are alarming, and a cautionary image, as that is exactly what we were told would happen to the sand beach between a revetement and the lake by expert commentary on this website.

    I really hope that more of the sand beach will not be lost this way. I go to King Edward, and I note that, even though there was a remarkable single weather erosion event last October, there are no cottages, and indeed no private property, that appears to be in imminent danger of tumbling down the bank to replenish the sand beach. In my forty plus years of knowing that beach, the bank has receded only very gradually, ie. at a geological/erosional pace, with the one exception of last Oct’s extremely rare low pressure, high water, high wind seiche/storm event. Still, the new rocks at King E are where the natural point used to be, and so very little sand beach has been lost (so far) by virtue of this human made structure.

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