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Imagine all of these people with nowhere to place their blankets and umbrella’s, to go for a swim, to toss a frisbee, to go for a walk, to visit and converse and watch a sunset.

Here are pictures from last weekend at Victoria Beach.

Irrefutable proof of how widely the beaches are used by the public at Victoria Beach and how many people will be irrevocably affected if revetments are allowed in front of public sand beaches.

It is naive to think “staying out of it” will somehow lead to the beaches being saved.

We must all stand up for them for present and all future generations!  Don’t leave it up to a few to do all the work and raise their voices.

If you are concerned about what is happening to the beaches at Victoria Beach you must make your voice heard.  Time is of the essence.  Please email the Shoreline Erosion Committee immediately with your concerns.  It has never been more important to speak up!  YOU HAVE UNTIL SEPT 15TH!

”Staying out of it”  ,to be polite, likely means you are surrendering the beaches for yours and all the generations to come.  Are the revetment proponents counting on your inaction?

Here is the Shoreline Advisory committee info:


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