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NEWS: RMVB will not be approving any further shoreline erosion structures

Moved By: Kathy McKibbin
Seconded By: Bruce Morrison
Whereas a significant portion of lakefront lands in the Municipality are titled to the Crown or are under
the control of the Province of Manitoba;
And Whereas the R. M. of Victoria Beach council has established the Advisory Committee on
Shoreline and Beach Management to hold public hearings, review written submissions and provide
advice to council on matters relating to shoreline protection;
And Whereas the Committee’s work is ongoing and a final report is not expected to be presented to
council until December 2011;
Now Therefore Be It Resolved That the R. M. of Victoria Beach council request that the Province not
approve any permanent and/or non-emergency shoreline protection works until the Municipality has
completed its review and that the Province take the necessary steps to monitor areas for which it is
responsible to ensure that no such unauthorized work takes place.
Tom Farrell


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