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Latest Council Meeting, January 2012

There seems to be a problem getting access to the latest council meeting online so we have included it here for your perusal.
(We normally dont do this and suggest the Beacon site for such purposes, but at the time of this posting there was no access, and there were some important items within, so we have posted it here until it is resolved at the Beacon website.)


Present: Councillors McMorris, Morrison, Boyd, McKibbin
Reeve Farrell
Call To Order: 1 pm
Res. #2012/001 – McMorris / Morrison
That the minutes of the regular council meeting of December 20, 2011 be accepted.
Wolf Kraft
Due to having to attend another engagement, Mr. Kraft could not attend the meeting at his 1:30pm scheduled time for signing of his Development agreement, arrived after meeting was adjourned: Agreement was signed as per resolution passed during Council meeting.
Res. #2012/002– Boyd/McKibbin
That the RM of Victoria Beach Council accepts the Golf Report 2011 as circulated.
Res. #2012/003– McKibbin / Boyd
That the RM of Victoria Beach Council accepts the January 10, 2012 CAO Report as circulated.
Res. #2012/004– McKibbin / Boyd
That the list of accounts (cheques #22463 to #22484, plus Electronic Fund Transfers) amounting to $73,072.49 be approved for payment. Carried
Res. #2012/005– McMorris / Morrison
That the R.M. of Victoria Beach Council approve the terms of the WHC Inc. Agreement and that the Reeve and CAO be authorized to sign said contract on behalf of the Municipality.
Res. #2012/006– McMorris / Morrison
That the R. M. of Victoria Beach Council approve a grant in the amount of $ 6,000.00 for East Beaches Senior Scene renovation project.
Res. #2012/007–Morrison/ McMorris
That By-Law No. 1537, authorizing the payment of indemnities and expenses to the Reeve and Council be given first reading.
Res. #2012/008– McMorris / Morrison
That By-Law No. 1537, authorizing the payment of indemnities and expenses to the Reeve and Council be given second reading.
Res. #2012/009– Morrison/ McMorris
That the Council of the R.M. of Victoria Beach accept the estimate for Shoreline Protection for the Water Treatment Plant from Trainor Trucking Ltd in the amount of $ 52,800.00. Vote Recorded: Councillor McKibbin Against
Morrison For
Boyd For
McMorris For
Res. #2012/010– Boyd/McKibbin
Council of the R.M. of Victoria Beach accept Raymond Moreau’s letter of resignation effective December 31st, 2011. Carried
Items Discussed: Shoreline protection and conservation; Council and CAO to review the Draft Land Use Development Plan to include beach and shoreline protection. Discussed draft by-law for restrictions on scooters, mopeds and power assisted bikes. Council discussed: request from Edgewater Recreation Commission for further funding, Municipal Software, Connaught Beach cleanup and safety concerns with shoreline stairs.
Klaus Philipp Re: Request for Exemption from newly passed Moratorium on all works on Lake Banks. CAO to draft letter thank you Mr. Philipp forinforming Council and request that owners of other lots included in his request inform Council of their intentions as well

AMM Education Understanding Public Engagement, A Refresher. CAO to attend.
Tree Canada Funding available for Fruit Trees.
MAXXAM Water Samples Report.
Manitoba Hydro News Release: Hydro Reports Increased Net Income.
Nick Arseniuk Bear Problems in Victoria Beach. CAO to reply that The R.M. of
Victoria Beach prohibits firearms in our community.
Manitoba Healthy Living, Premier’s Volunteer Service Award 2012.
Youth and Seniors
Eastman Tourism Updates and Minutes of the November 28th, 2011 meeting.
Manitoba Infrastructure and Flooding events are responsibilities of Local Authorities.
Transportation (EMO)
Ministry of Public Safety Request for pre-budget projects. Lake Winnipeg identified for response.
Manitoba “Local Government Proposal to Subdivide SP Lot 6, Plan 19580.
Community Regional Letter of approval in principal to proceed with the subdivision.
Planning Branch”
Res. #2012/011–Morrison/ McMorris
That Council of the R.M. of Victoria Beach adjourns the January 10, 2012 regular meeting of Council: Next regular meeting of Council on January 17, 2012.
Tom Farrell – Reeve
Rose Price – CAO


2012 Council Meetings

Council Meeting Schedule

JANUARY 17, 2012

FEBRUARY 7, 2012

February 21, 2012

All regular Council Meetings are held at 303-960 PORTAGE AVENUE – Winnipeg at 1:00PM.

For access to council meeting minutes: click here


Happy New Year and a sincere thank you to all of the contributors and followers of this site designed to preserve and protect the one of a kind beaches at Victoria Beach and all of the south basin of Lake Winnipeg.

Since the establishing of this site in response to a number of critical occurrences at Victoria Beach in 2011 regarding our shorelines, we have had over 20,000 hits to keep people informed, mobilized and connected.  Truly amazing!

It has also brought about other good sites such as VBSPA as well as a renewed and reinvigorated Victoria Beach Cottagers Association.

While things appear quiet at the moment, there a lot of things going on quietly in the background with the pending court case for Arthur Beach, the long-awaited Shoreline committee recommendations and council strategies for protecting the future of our beaches.  As information comes available we will be sure to do our best to pass it on.

Of course, we also have a vigilant group with eyes and ears always open to jump into action should anything develop that needs to be responded to at a moments notice.

Thankfully, a lot has been accomplished to protect our beaches in 2011 and a determined, unwavering and responsible approach will be needed in 2012 and forward.

Thank you for being a part of it.

As always, strength in numbers.

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