Happy New Year and a sincere thank you to all of the contributors and followers of this site designed to preserve and protect the one of a kind beaches at Victoria Beach and all of the south basin of Lake Winnipeg.

Since the establishing of this site in response to a number of critical occurrences at Victoria Beach in 2011 regarding our shorelines, we have had over 20,000 hits to keep people informed, mobilized and connected.  Truly amazing!

It has also brought about other good sites such as VBSPA as well as a renewed and reinvigorated Victoria Beach Cottagers Association.

While things appear quiet at the moment, there a lot of things going on quietly in the background with the pending court case for Arthur Beach, the long-awaited Shoreline committee recommendations and council strategies for protecting the future of our beaches.  As information comes available we will be sure to do our best to pass it on.

Of course, we also have a vigilant group with eyes and ears always open to jump into action should anything develop that needs to be responded to at a moments notice.

Thankfully, a lot has been accomplished to protect our beaches in 2011 and a determined, unwavering and responsible approach will be needed in 2012 and forward.

Thank you for being a part of it.

As always, strength in numbers.



  1. Gord Patton said:

    Can anyone advise what has happened to the Arthur Beach court case? I had originally understood that this was to be heard before the ice breakup this spring. Has this case been held over? Are we past the point where the rocks will be there at least for another year?

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