The RMVB have been involved in developing a new planning framework and it is yet another positive step forward by the municipality to insure that nothing further occurs on the waterfront without careful consideration, guidance and approval.

“Victoria Beach is a deeply valued sanctuary with a distinct sense of place. The community is known for its serene and beautiful environment, its traditional community life, and its rich ties to history, family and nature. Victoria Beach is not one homogenous community but rather a collection of communities, each with its unique values. Despite these differences, residents are proud of being ‘Victoria Beachers’ and put time and energy into caring for the community as a whole.” Page 6

“The natural environment offers the serene atmosphere and sense of enjoyment that characterizes place for all Victoria Beachers. The preservation and enhancement of the natural environment are central to the identity and quality of life of all residents. Environment: Addresses the need to integrate the fundamentals of environmental stewardship in recognition of its intrinsic value and importance for quality of life. Managing the environment, natural areas, lakes and resources in a manner that respects ecological processes and sustainability is critical to the Municipality. Equally as important is the ability to empower every generation to entrench environmental sustainability in education and stewardship.” Page 10

“Development and land use shall be encouraged to minimize the resulting ecological footprint. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is recommended for any proposed development that may have an environmental effect or the potential of altering natural systems.” Page 14

“Within natural areas, there shall be minimal impact resulting from development on aquatic ecosystems, wetland environments and riparian areas.” page 14


(taken from the VBSPA website)


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