On July 17th at the VB council meeting at the Sports Centre, the attending audience was introduced to the latest publically released map and information package regarding the New Development Plan for the RMVB.     The public has until July 24th to offer their comments and suggestions.  It is critical to read the LATEST information and see the map and plans.  (They were different than previous ones.)  This is a significant evolution of the RMVB and the time to respond is limited. 

Contact your council members immediately to access this information and the map.  The August 21st Council meeting will be far too late for you to get informed and have your say.   204-774-4263 /Toll-free- 1-800-513-3839


It must be noted, that  the audience at the meeting was flabbergasted to see that the map offered earlier had since changed.  Designated areas such as the beaches, the banks, the boulevards and the crown roads all along the waterfront were now shown as “private land” rather than “public and protected”.

The error would have had catastrophic implications for the beaches and the shoreline at large had the audience members not spoken up and pointed out the error.

We do applaud the Council for immediately acknowledging the error and they said  that it would be fixed.    They stated it was only a drafting error.  (The council have been working hard to make sure the shorlelines are protected from now on, particularily after last years unsavory developments. )

However, what this points out is HOW IMPORTANT IT IS to be aware and be informed of what your elected council is doing with our community.  An honest (but major) “oversight” like this is a strong example of why our ears and eyes and minds as a community need to be on top of what is taking place. One cannot just assume that things are always being done properly and correctly and in favour of your beliefs or concerns.

You need to be active and present at this critical time in the evolution of the RMVB and not risk leaving it up to others to do all the work and diligence for you.

Please mark your calendars to attend the Shoreline meeting on July 23rd and the Council meeting Aug 21st.     Yes, it is summer and you want it stress free and full of fun.  But putting these few hours away are very important this summer to the future of our beloved community!


Please pass the word re the new Development plan documents and the two meetings to your friends and neighbours. (July 23 and August 21)


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