There seems to be a belief around the RMVB that the “crisis period” for revetments being built has passed with the lower water levels this year. 

This is simply not true. 

Water front property owners are still actively and quietly trying to get the right to protect their property with revetments (and the like) regardless of the impact on the environment and the beaches in front of them.  Their desire to erect these structures has not abated.

Do not think the present lull means the threat has passed.

Please be sure to attend the Shoreline Meeting this Monday, July 23rd as well as the council meeting Aug 21st. 

A quick walk around the beaches shows wooden stairs back on the banks, water craft stored along the beach, a cement structure constructed on the waterfront….and so on.

There is still plenty going on that needs to be pointed out to council.  They need to be questioned and addressed.

Are these legal activities?  And if not, what is being done about it?

What is the status on the court case regarding the revetement placed on Arthur/Patricia last summer?

A lot was accomplished last year to protect the beaches of VB and the united vigilance our community showed must continue.





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