Have you seen or are you even aware of the now halted work on Connaught point in front of 411 Sunset from this spring? Here are some pictures:

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It is very sad and frustrating to see that the learning curve towards how we need to treat our precious public sand shorelines and how we react to their human imposed destruction or misuse — particularly after the human lead assault on Arthur/Patricia last summer — seems to be progressing at a snails pace.

It seems that a summer with a lower water level, along with the glorious weather, has lulled our community back into a sense of complacency. (Playing right into the hands of those who have different designs on how to use, preserve and respect the public beaches and shorelines at Victoria Beach and the surrounding area. And, who are actively campaigning for it behind the scenes.)

A very dangerous thing indeed.

A very disturbing development over the spring is the now halted construction found on Connaught/King Edward point, from this spring.

A simple visual inspection seems to show how the section of the bank has been carved/removed, trees have been mechanically cut and there has been an insertion of holes and two concrete pads. (The work was ordered halted only once all of this destruction had already been initiated.)

The big question is how did this construction ever get this far before either council or the police realized it and it was halted? As well, how could this type of endeavour have even been contemplated by the people responsible after the reaction last year by the public to unauthorized work on a public beach?

Most importantly, what exactly is council and the RMVB doing about having it immediately removed and restored to its original state?

Have we not learned anything over the last year?

It seems the time has come for the RMVB to show some teeth and enforce its by-laws more effectively when unauthorized work or actions are done. Should this area not be returned swiftly to pre conditions if all necessary permits and paperwork were not completed or authorized or all necessary procedures were not followed to the letter of the law?

After talking with council, it is understood that according to by-law 1411 in order for the work to have been allowed to begin on King Edward/Connaught, a Shoreline Protection Permit would have been needed. Which includes the following:

1. Contractor or engineer drawings. (method, spacial extent, crest, elevation, tone detail, stone size etc)

2. Application sent to SETC. (Shoreline Erosion Technical Committee) (who evaluates the proposal and makes recommendations and changes)

3. The SETC sends its comments to the RMVB and proponents, the councillors evaluate the comments and rule based on the Shoreline Protection Plan.

4. Construction begins.

Council can confirm that all of these necessary materials and guidelines were not yet submitted nor followed prior to the work being started.

The big question is why then has the area not been restored to its original state? What is being done and what deadlines are being imposed for resolution? Why the wait?

Presumably, this cannot be allowed to drag along unresolved like the situation on Arthur that now seems destined to be buried in the slow court system for who knows how long.

Perhaps more questions that Council needs to be asked on August 21st?

Please read a second post for Part Two of:  IS ANYONE LEARNING ANYTHING?


Comments on: "IS ANYONE LEARNING ANYTHING? Part One" (1)

  1. K. Williams said:

    I would also like to have information posted about who the contractor(s) are who are or should be aware that this type of work is illegal and should be held equally responsible along with the homeowner who initiated the illegal work. My guess the contractor is local and fully aware of the issue and legalities. Why are our elected officials not taking action against the property owner and the contractor. It is my view any contractor in violation should not be permitted to do work for the municipality in the future. Perhaps that will stop these contractors from doing what they know is illegal and unethical.

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