Do you remember decades back (or even just a few years back) of the wonderful untouched natural sand and marshes on Pelican Point? How there were amazing strips of beach and sand bars all around the point? A truly beautiful and unspoiled spot.

Have you taken a walk or a bike ride there lately?

If not you may be very surprised at what it looks like now.

Where is all the sand? Where has all the beach area gone to? Where are the sandbars? Where does the public go to sit or swim!? What has happened to all the wildlife and flora that used to be abundant there?

Here are some pictures of what we have negligently and carelessly allowed (as a community) Pelican Point to turn into.  A result by not taking a firm stance, by letting those in power give permission and not letting them know we do not want this to be happening to our precious shorelines. That these type of structures must be stopped from spreading elsewhere on our public beaches.

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It is absolutely depressing to visit Pelican Point now. It is no longer a place for all of the public to enjoy and experience. Instead it has become a place for a privileged few to enjoy a quiet waterfront view.

And, good luck in seeing any Pelicans. Not a one on our numerous visits.

Make no mistake; if we do not definitively demand a stop to revetment building from happening along our shorelines — IMMEDIATELY AND FOR ALWAYS — you can expect Clubhouse, Patricia/Arthur, Alex/King and Connaught to eventually be the same experience for the general public in but a short decade.

No beaches. Nothing for the public to access. A place for a select few to enjoy a view while the rest of us jump off the pier to cool off.

It really is important to take the time to see Pelican Point today. To see a defining example of the future of our precious shorelines if we do not act decisively to halt any more of this type of building on Victoria Beach shores. (This beautiful area was once very much like the beautiful beaches we enjoy in the restricted area today.)

It is time to stand up. To be heard. Let your council know your thoughts. Don’t let others do all the talking for you. Don’t assume the vocal few can stop this for you. Power is in numbers!

Be at the Council Meeting on August 21st at the Sports Club. If you can’t be there, send them an email with your concerns.

Here is a list of their email addresses:

Time is running out. We need to save these beaches. NOW!

Pelican Point is a deafening, defining and “right in your face” example of why.

Go take a look at the future of Victoria Beach. Let your eyes be your proof.  Go see Pelican Point at your earliest convenience.

The future vision of Victoria Beach shorelines has never been more clear.

And it is, in a word, alarming.



Comments on: "PELICAN POINT: A Sad View of the Future?" (2)

  1. K. Williams said:

    Great info, keep up the great work.

  2. VB cotagev owner said:

    You have no clue who you’re talking about . You’re pissed off?…. then blame hydro. The only reason these structures reside on the Pelican Point shoreline is to save lakeside property and the beach from complete erosion due to the higher water levels caused by hydros decision to keep the lake at a higher level. I’m so sorry you can’t go for your precious walk down the beach. Do you really think cottage owners on Pelican want big metal cages in front of their cottage ? Without these reinforcement structures there would be no Pelican Point … Do your research buddy.

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