Recent pictures of Victoria Beaches wonderful beaches are beginning to tell a very stark tale as we are now heading into the second season of the revetment being on Arthur and the rocks and black plastic sandbags being on King Edward/Alexandria.

Patricia and Arthur are now covered in rocks and the anticipated scouring seems to have started. The beautiful strip of sand on Patricia has clearly changed in less than two years.

The huge change/evolution of the beach landscape on Patricia appears dramatically affected by the monstrous revetment on Arthur.  This being merely a “coincidence” is highly unlikely.

As well, there is no denying the amount of rocks and scouring happening in front of the black sandbags on the north side of the King Edward Beach. (where the massive revetment also now exists north of it).


The changes here too are hard to ignore.

So perhaps it is time to ask:

What is going on with the court case re the Arthur revetment?

Were the black sandbags not supposed to be a two year trial?  How do we feel about the results?  What are we going to do about it?

Time to get back to your councillors and let them know you haven’t forgotten.   That you don’t like what you are seeing on the beaches a mere two years out.

The results in less than two years is startling.

The longer we wait, the more we are going to lose.


Comments on: "Pictures tell a thousand sad words" (1)

  1. Ceril Sneer said:

    Only solutions are for VB to leave the beaches alone and for MB Hydro to leave the lake levels alone. Stop playing God and let nature be natural. Sand will fill in and shoreline will heal itself. Engineering, politics and over-control of uncontollable events are for Urban areas not Nature. Let it be.

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