While we still patiently await the latest Baird report to be formally released and posted by our council, a few strong conclusions were offered at the public presentation by Baird on July 24th.   Critical factual information helping you make a sound decision on the future direction of Victoria Beach.

Through the extensive scientific studies Baird has done over the last year they were able to conclude where the sand for our amazing beaches comes from.

It does not come from Elk Island or from a source further in the water via currents like many thought.

The truth is that the sand comes from the specific banks themselves.  The beaches are replenished by the banks  directly before them.

It is through the natural process of erosion that we have had these amazing beaches for centuries.

Therefore, as Peter Zuzek states in pretty black and white terms “if you are successful in stopping the sand erosion you cut off your sand supply.”

In other words, the beaches will be lost if the erosion is halted.

As well, it was stated time and time again at the meeting that revetments will remove the beaches over time.  We can already visually see the scouring effect of the Arthur revetment and the large sandbags on the beaches before them.

We now know where we stand.

If revetments are allowed in front of Clubhouse, Arthur, Patricia, Alexandra, King Edward or Connaught we are signing the death warrant for the beaches.

We need to look at other solutions — such as groins and sand replenishment — which were offered as viable possible solutions at the meeting.

So, in the interim,  we must let our council, the province and Baird know that under no circumstances what so ever , should public, provincial or federal land ever be used to assist in stopping erosion via means like revetments.   We cannot be willing participants in the loss of these incredible beaches for all of the generations to come.

Baird and the council have an online form for you to fill out with your thoughts and would like them returned by August 6th.

Here is the link:  http://rmofvictoriabeach.ca/announcements/shoreline-management-plan-comment-sheet-2



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