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Looking Ahead: Another year passes and Patricia beach now appears lost

Another year has passed and the revetment built on Arthur beach still remains standing.  The immediate and lasting result of what these structures can cause, can now be clearly seen with your own eyes. More importantly, it is shocking how little time it has taken for the devastation to happen.

Patricia Beach is now a wasteland of rock and clay.  Much of the sand is gone and what was once a heavily used beach by the community now sees only a few brave souls scattering it, as there is no comfortable place to sit nor safe ways to even enter the water.

How sad.  And, how predictable.

If you have not taken a look at Patricia and Arthur since you regularly visit the still stunning Clubhouse, Alexandra/King Edward or Connaught beaches, you really need to go and take a look.  Is this devastation in your beach’s future too?  This is exactly what the science said would happen.

The RMVB now has a new council.  It is time to send an email to each of them and ask:

What are their thoughts are on the state of Patricia?  What is the status on the removal of the revetment on Arthur?  Why is the Baird plan not doing anything to help sustain that beach if possible? Why are they not diligently enforcing the bylaws by still allowing (or turning a blind eye) to the clearing of bush on municipal property on the banks?  Why are they not enforcing the bylaws when those above continue to access the beach via the banks?  Are they planning to change the ongoing lack of enforcement and will they step up and do their jobs responsibly, transparently and efficiently as they campaigned?

We must let the powers that be know we are still here!  We still want these beaches returned to their previous state!  That we are not going away!

Please send your concerns to the new councilors:

Reeve Brian Hodgson
Councillor Linda McMillan
Councillor Kathy McKibbin
Councillor Penny McMorris
Councillor Gordon Ross




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