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Elect Graham Randle for RMVB Council

It has become clear from all available resources that Graham Randle is the man who should be elected next Councillor for the RMVB.  Not only does he stand for many of the principles that the majority of the people of this municipality believe in — in particular shoreline management that does NOT include revetments — but for many other important RMVB issues as well.

Graham has also clearly proven to be the most easily approachable and most readily available candidate to talk to thus far in this very short campaign. He has held numerous meet and greets, he has appeared at various important VB functions and is quick to respond to both emails and phone calls with prompt and unambiguous responses.  He is holding another meet and greet this weekend  on Saturday the 17th at the Victoria Beach Store from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m

We are very lucky to have a quality candidate like this running for office.  Please vote for Graham Randle in our upcoming by-election.  If you cannot vote in person please be sure to request your mail in ballot as soon as possible from the RMVB.  This is a very important election and we need every vote to insure an informed and consistent voice is on council, to go with the other three, who will protect the beaches at Victoria Beach and all the surrounding beaches well into the long future.

We must NEVER allow what has happened to Arthur and Patricia to happen ever again. Voting for Graham Randle is a great start.


By Election in RMVB: Know who you vote for!

There are reportedly three choices running for the open RMVB councillor position.  It is becoming clearer that not all three have the same views on preserving the beaches —  above all else.  We strongly suggest you ask hard questions for those running for office.

The Facebook S.O.S page says there will be a Meet and Greet for Graham Randle tomorrow (Saturday, September 10th) from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. At Saffies Store. Come out and learn more about his ideas on issues facing our unique community.  We think you will like what you will hear. Go see for yourself.


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