Goals and Purpose

Victoria Beach is located on Lake Winnipeg, the 10th largest freshwater lake in the world. Many consider it to have the some of the finest, unspoiled and natural sand beaches in the world. However, for the first time in its existence it is being faced with change. Change brought about by mankind.

Revetments or large stone walls are now being considered and implemented to prevent the erosion happening to the public cliffs on the beaches and to a few private properties.

However, in our opinion, these are structures that can change the look, life cycle and accessibility of these beaches forever.  These must not be used and other alternatives must be explored instead.

The goal of this site is to provide valuable information to the public that shows revetments are perhaps not the best solution.

Other websites and resources are also available to discuss options such as a FaceBook group called SOS “Save Our Sand” Protect the Beaches at Victoria Beach and a website called the VBSPA. (Victoria Beach Shoreline Protection Association.)

(It is of interest to note that you will be unable to find any sites or sources dedicated to the positive effects on beaches by revetments.  This is because they are a detriment to the sand beaches in front of them and there is no science to prove otherwise.)

It is our stance that once revetments are denied by the RM council and the Province of Manitoba in front of pristine sand beaches– or at the very least the use/incorporation of public land and beaches for their construction — we can engage in other options.

This site dedicates itself to providing documentation, science, and history towards pointing out the problems and critical deficiencies in revetments. To enable the cottagers of this area to be able to make informed decisions as to what to do with what lies ahead. As well, may it serve as a resource for other communities who may find themselves in the same perilous predicament.

We also will endeavor to be a resource to provide updates on the ongoing and ever evolving situation at Victoria Beach.  To provide easy access to important people to contact, to stay informed and to have your voice heard.

The present consensus seems to be that there has not been nearly enough public discussion with cottagers and council and the Province of Manitoba regarding the building of the proposed revetments. At the moment, the revetments proposed intend to use or incorporate public municipal or provincial land.

Thus it is our belief that the community must be allowed more venues and means to having its voice adequately heard by its council and the Province before any actions or irrevocable, precedent setting decisions are made.

We also actively promote that it is time that the Province of Manitoba starts to take a stronger initiative as to deciding what can be built or altered on all shorelines, not just Lake Winnipeg. To halt the continuous decay and destruction of our precious natural resources.

At the moment there seems to be very little or no guidelines or rules to enforce what can or cannot be done. Furthermore, there are few meaningful avenues to access, to halt what is proposed.

We do not imply that there should not be any actions taken to preserve both beaches and property, but strongly advocate that revetments simply cannot and should not ever be part of the solution when they are to be constructed in front of pristine sand beaches used extensively by the public.

Should you have any important information or resources that we can add or use, please feel free to contact us at victoriabeach@rogers.com

This site is the effort of a group of Victoria Beach cottagers concerned with the threats of revetments at Victoria Beach. We have taken the task to gather information and place it all in one place for expediency and convenience for fellow Victoria Beach cottage owners to consider. There are always other sides and opinions and it is always prudent to do your own due diligence, weigh the arguments and come to your own conclusions. We do our best to make sure the information is accurate and current but as these are often submitted by other community members please be sure to be aware and investigate prudently on your own too.   (If you do see something you do believe to be in error or is false, please let us know so that we can look into it immediately.)

We hope the efforts we have made on this site helped.  We are only as strong as the people who submit us news, information and science. Please do not hesitate to send us any information, links or news that would be of help.

If you wish to be notified when new documents are added by the group please click on the “leave a reply” area on any of the pages — type in a comment to request to be on the update list —  and click on the box below it asking to be updated on additions to the site by email.

*  You will not be overwhelmed with notifications of all posts or discussions.  JUST when new vital info is added by the group administrators.

Thank you for taking the time to examine the site today.  It may take a fair investment of your time to go through it all but you will hopefully gain a better understanding of the situation the community of Victoria Beach presently finds itself in.


Comments on: "Goals and Purpose" (2)

  1. G. Randle said:

    Your message is clear – you’re convinced that revetments are BAD.
    But nowhere do I see any coherent alternatives proposed.

    • The true answer is little can be done to save properties long term in front of any beautiful sand beach, without destroying the beach. For those situations there really is no solution. Mother nature will have her way as erosion is inevitable on any shoreline on any body of water. Anyone buying property on a shoreline knows this. It is reasonable to protect property in front of an already rocky and unused shoreline that does not have a beach, but in front of beaches like ours it is not feasible and is completely unreasonable. What has occurred on Arthur and Patricia to protect a few properties has in turn removed and destroyed a public beach used by hundreds if not thousands. Most will say that is not a fair, worthwhile or acceptable trade off at all. This is not an easy thing to admit and it is why we need a strong council who understands all the pros and cons and can make the right decisions for the majority.

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