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Free Press: Informative Article On Retreating From The Shoreline

There is an informative article in the Winnipeg Free Press today discussing how more and more that the only real way to deal with erosion is to vacate. A difficult concession and one with sad repercussion for those owning property. None the less, it is increasingly the solution of choice since shoreline erosion is virtually impossible to stop.

“Up and down the California coast, some communities are deciding it’s not worth trying to wall off the encroaching ocean. Until recently, the thought of bowing to nature was almost unheard of.”

“buffers may protect the base of cliffs, and the land and property behind them, but they often exacerbate the problem by scouring beaches, making them narrower or even causing them to disappear.”

“…after futile attempts to curb coastal erosion — a problem that is expected to grow worse with rising seas fueled by global warming — there is growing acknowledgment that the sea is relentless and any line drawn in the sand is likely to eventually wash over.”

“entire villages have been forced to move to higher ground or are thinking about it in the face of melting sea ice. Hawaii’s famous beaches are slowly shrinking and some scientists think it’s a matter of time before the state has to explore whether to move back development.”

“Several states along the Atlantic coast have adopted policies meant to keep a distance from the ocean. They include no-build zones, setbacks or rolling easements that allow development but with a caveat. As the sea advances, homeowners promise not to build seawalls and must either shift inland or let go.”

“…the scenic Great Highway is under assault from the Pacific. Erosion has inched closer to the roadway each year, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continues girding segments with broken-up rock, a costly temporary fix that has had limited success.”

“People who want to build new oceanside construction agree not to build a seawall if their homes become threatened in the future.”

Here is the link to the full article:



The voices to protect the Beaches is growing!…more Winnipeg Free Press

Two more letters in the Winnipeg Free Press today.  It is exciting and ecouraging to see that the voices against the destruction of your precious sand beaches in Victoria Beach and the south basin of Lake Winnipeg are gaining momentum.  We are at a crisis point and have to act now.  Please be sure to write the Shoreline Erosion Commitee and your local council TODAY!  You have until Sept 15th.

Here is the link to the newest letters.  See the 3rd and 4th ones:

Excellent Victoria Beach cottager with a voice in the Winnipeg Free Press

We all need to be proud of our beaches.  To stand up for them.  For now and all the generations to come.  Help stop the insanity that is taking place before it does irrevocable harm.  IT IS TIME TO TAKE OUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND THINKING THIS WILL ALL SOMEHOW MAGICALLY BLOW OVER!

Click on the following link:

Be sure to let the Shoreline Erosion Committee know your thought via email or a letter before September 15th!

Click on the following link:

The RM’s continue their folly on the shorelines of Lake Winnipeg

As we watch the beaches at Victoria Beach disappear through the hands of mankind, just a few miles away it appears they plan to do just the same.  Please read this article from today’s Winnipeg Free Press.

Hopefully a new group like this can have some serioous influence on the man made destruction of Lake Winnipeg taking place with increasing frequency:

REVISED: CBC’s The Nature of Things : “SAVE MY LAKE” Sunday April 3rd 7pm

Due to the horrific disaster in Japan, the Nature of Things has bumped up its documentary on earthquakes.  As result, the documentary “SAVE MY LAKE” on what is happening to Lake Winnipeg and the dire consequences as a result will now be aired Sunday, April 3rd at 7pm..

CTV and CBC News


Here is a CBC news clip that gives you a very real look at the damage that has been done and how massive it is: (The news about VB starts at about 2 minutes 35 seconds in after the “ad” .)



(Please note…during the video it is implied that 6 meters of private yard was lost. This is not necessarily true. It was partially public land and not just private property.)

Winnipeg Free Press

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