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If you wish to be notified when new documents are added to this site please click on the “leave a reply” area on any of the pages — type in a comment to request to be on the update list —  and then YOU MUST click on the box NOTIFY ME OF NEW POSTS.

*  You will not be overwhelmed with notifications of all posts or discussions.

JUST when new vital info is added by the group administrators.

This is the easiest way to keep up to date on the ever evolving situation at Victoria Beach.


Comments on: "To Subscribe For INSTANT Updates Via Email" (31)

  1. I would love to be notified of updates!

  2. Sally Lawler said:

    Please notify me of any updates on this site.

    • Bob and Sally Lawler said:

      Great site. Do you having any info on the Arthur court case. With the recent north winds, Arthur stairs were under water.

  3. Great site!

  4. Dale Shurvell said:

    Please notify me of any updates on this site

  5. Nice Work!

  6. Frances Woolison said:

    Please notify me of updatesl Thank-you!

    I would like to know if anyone else is aware of the revetment that has already been built north of the King Edward stairs in front of about 4 or 5 cottages? I have been told it was completed last fall. I would like to know if council is aware of it and whether or not it was built legally and with council’s approval. I have pictures of it taken last week by my husband some of which I have posted on the S.O.S. @ V.B. “Save Our Sand” Facebook page.

  7. Keep up the great work 🙂

  8. Christopher Stelmack said:

    Please notify me of any updates on this site.

  9. Lisa Gilmour said:

    Please notify me of any updates on the site. Great work!

  10. Drew McArton said:

    The science collected on your website is impressive and persuasive. I find it hard to believe it will not have an effect on policy. Please keep it up, and keep me posted.

  11. Keep up the good work passing on the news. Quick questions, did the crazy lady who smacked the camera out of the other ladies hand get charged?

  12. Ellert Wattis said:

    please notify me of any updates on the site.[ good work.]

  13. Ellert Wattis said:

    please notify me of any updates on the site

  14. Thanks!

  15. Diana and Bryan Purdy said:

    There is world class shore line engineerIng firm in Ottawa Canada named BAIRD & ASSOCIATES
    They were the design and managment engineers on a comprehensive shore line protection on the south shore of BARBADOS
    Victoria Beach needs a worlc class firm like this to study all ouir shore lines and recommend solid design protection solutions

  16. Our shoreline protection problems are so complex we need to engage a world class shoreline engineering and planning super specialist firm with world class credential.

    Let us not be frozen into no action as we do not have funds to finance this type of expensive but unavoidable comprehensive study of our shore lines in the entire municipality .

    Let us use our best knowledge to define the problem and creatively seek funds once the cost of overall shoreline planning study is established

    Souces of funding could all of he following 1 The federal Government , 2 The provincial Government 3 The general rate payer so the RM say 25% 4 THE SHORELINE LAND OWNERS 5 a Comprehensive P3 PARTNERSHIP that has long term funding that will be paid off over 3 o years . This could be set up with any number of large engineering and construction organizations that are in this business
    None the less let of think world class and long range planning

    Bryan Purdy[P.Eng 2049982906

  17. please send me updates. great site. one that all VB lake front owners should open their eyes and read carefully.

  18. Please send me updates. Great work, thanks much!

  19. Debbie Covernton said:

    Please send me updates or news of any meetings etc. Thanks

  20. Andy Bohonos said:

    I’m interested in receiving updates. Thanks.

  21. Fred Greengrass said:

    Please notify me of any updates. Thanks

  22. Nancy Sarchuk said:

    Please send updates.

  23. David Glavina said:

    Please notify me of any updates. Thanks

  24. Alex Sarchuk said:

    I would appreciate updates thank you.

  25. Lucy Szkwarek said:

    Please notify me of recent updates.

  26. Please notify me of updates.

  27. Judy Bailes said:

    I would like to be kept up to date on what is going on at our beach. Please
    send me updates.

  28. Neil Summers said:

    If we do not act in concert, we will loose yet one more beautiful place.

  29. Maura Pringle said:

    Please send updates.

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