Seeing the continuing horrible conditions of Arthur/Patricia beaches this year, the time has come for the residents of VB to face some harsh truths and realities.  The “foolhardy” protection of property seems to be resulting in some pretty clear consequences.

Here is a link to a very good article that is very informative about what is causing the loss of our beaches on Lake Winnipeg, including a reaction to shoreline protection:

Here is an important excerpt:

“Shoreline protection engineering is an extremely controversial topic, and it is not within our mandate to make recommendations or to conduct research into design. I can, however, offer a few thoughts.

Engineers tend to recommend engineering, whereas geologists tend to recommend that you back off and respect the forces of nature. There is no doubt, however, that a Professional Engineer can design a means to temporarily protect a high value installation that was, through error or necessity, built too close to a retreating shore.  

Geologists, on the other hand, are quick to point out the inadequacies of shoreline engineering.

While erosion may be halted at the water line, it is essential to recognize that erosion continues underwater to a depth of several metres. Consequently, the shore armour is exposed to progressively greater wave power.

Furthermore, sand must be mobile for shoreline systems to be in a state of dynamic equilibrium. According to a standard geomorphology textbook by Bloom, ʺExtensive reclamation and beach stabilization projects actually endanger barriers, because unless sand is free to move with changing wave conditions, erosion results.ʺ In SEPM Special Publication No. 48, Pilkey and Thieler state, ʺThe myriad sea walls, breakwaters, groins, and jetties that line developed shorelines divert offshore, slow down, trap, and otherwise reduce the regional beach sediment supply by longshore currents, and thereby increase erosion rates.ʺ This view is summed up on the cover of one edition of the book ʺThe Beaches are Movingʺ, by Kaufman and Pilkey, as follows, ʺthese facts provide a new ability to make informed, intelligent decisions for the coast.

This is the first book to explain why the shore must move, and how utterly foolhardy we are to armor our coast against the unbeatable force of nature.ʺ 

After years of warnings and actions by many to halt or remove the revetment on Patricia/Arthur Beach, we are very sad to report “we told you so”.

As another season passes, the beach is further beginning to look exactly like what we were told it would.  The quiet truth of science once again trumps the loud volume of the nay-sayers.  Severe scouring of the rocks has revealed rocks and stones and the further continuing removal of all and any sand from this once pristine beach, shows it is doomed.  The amount of people that looked at it this weekend with both shock and awe, was telling.   The wordless sadness at what we are losing was profound.  People simply did not have the words.

Make no mistake.  A truly great gift of a beach has been taken from many of us.  Let the pictures do the talking:

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If these pictures bother you, don’t simply mourn and walk on.  Do something.  Voicing your concern to council is a very good first step.  They all campaigned on making things better on the beaches at VB.   This is an epic fail.

Here are their emails:

Reeve Brian Hodgson
Councillor Linda McMillan
Councillor Kathy McKibbin
Councillor Penny McMorris
Councillor Gordon Ross

Another year has passed and the revetment built on Arthur beach still remains standing.  The immediate and lasting result of what these structures can cause, can now be clearly seen with your own eyes. More importantly, it is shocking how little time it has taken for the devastation to happen.

Patricia Beach is now a wasteland of rock and clay.  Much of the sand is gone and what was once a heavily used beach by the community now sees only a few brave souls scattering it, as there is no comfortable place to sit nor safe ways to even enter the water.

How sad.  And, how predictable.

If you have not taken a look at Patricia and Arthur since you regularly visit the still stunning Clubhouse, Alexandra/King Edward or Connaught beaches, you really need to go and take a look.  Is this devastation in your beach’s future too?  This is exactly what the science said would happen.

The RMVB now has a new council.  It is time to send an email to each of them and ask:

What are their thoughts are on the state of Patricia?  What is the status on the removal of the revetment on Arthur?  Why is the Baird plan not doing anything to help sustain that beach if possible? Why are they not diligently enforcing the bylaws by still allowing (or turning a blind eye) to the clearing of bush on municipal property on the banks?  Why are they not enforcing the bylaws when those above continue to access the beach via the banks?  Are they planning to change the ongoing lack of enforcement and will they step up and do their jobs responsibly, transparently and efficiently as they campaigned?

We must let the powers that be know we are still here!  We still want these beaches returned to their previous state!  That we are not going away!

Please send your concerns to the new councilors:

Reeve Brian Hodgson
Councillor Linda McMillan
Councillor Kathy McKibbin
Councillor Penny McMorris
Councillor Gordon Ross



Baird Final Draft Plan

The final draft plan for our shorelines has been released by Baird and can be found on the VB website:

The final Draft Shoreline Management Plan will be presented by Pete Zuzek and Jenn Ogrodnick of Baird & Associates on Wednesday, August 21st at 7 p.m. at the Victoria Beach Clubhouse on Pier Road/Clubhouse Beach. All comments received from the July 23/24th presentation and Open House will have been incorporated into this final draft.

On Thursday, August 22nd there will be an Open House at the Victoria Beach Clubhouse to allow further discussion and input into the Draft Shoreline Management Plan from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Both Pete and Jenn will be available to hear your feedback and provide more detailed answers to your questions.

Your feedback is important on this critical issue facing our shorelines.



There has been much discussion about why there are so many rocks on Arthur/Patricia this year.  As well as King Edward and Alexandra.

Where have they all come from everyone is wondering?

Well, after a discussion with Peter Zuzek with Baird we got an interesting answer.

The state of the beaches is likely  the result of both a low activity weather year as well as the revetment on Arthur and sandbags on King Edward and Alexandra.

It was offered that the rocks are actually not “coming” from anywhere but rather, they are being “revealed”.

They have always been there.

But now that the existing revetment and sandbags are there — and the sand replenishment has thus decreased — these rocks are slowly being revealed.

They used to be covered by sand.

The stones we are seeing are not typically moved by waves nor are they stray pieces from the revetment,

It is the scouring we are now seeing.

As Peter stated:  “While the events like the storm in 2010 are terrible for the land owners, they are events that are the sand makers,  They put the sand on the beach.”

He did point out there is a fair amount of vegetation now growing again, to help stabilize the banks and it shows there has not been any recent big event to draw sand from the bank to the shores again.  That is part of the reason there may be less sand as well.

“There is a “pulse” to the beaches…some years lots of sand, some not as much.  Dependant on the waves and weather activity.”

But he also pointed out one can’t deny that this is also likely the result of less sand being accessed and less material being accessed from the banks — because of the man made erosion efforts.

It gets clearer and clearer what we should not be doing at VB and that other means such as sand replenishment and groins should become the new focus.

While it is very frustrating that council has not posted the Baird report on their website as promised, the deadline for our comments from the meeting held on July 24th still stands at August 6th..


If you attended the July 24th Baird presentation be sure to download the form and get it back to council and Baird as soon as possible.


Here is the link for the form:


If you were not there and have not fully understood its content please contact your council and let them know you want the deadline extended until the report is put online or paper accessible and people have the chance to study it.


Here are council emails to let them know you want this arbitrary deadline EXTENDED until the report is available for all:



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